Moving the Tribe Forward

A Competent Public Servant in District 3

An Experienced Individual as Your Legislator

When it comes to being a dedicated legislator for District 3 of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Bob Whistler is always at your service. I aim to be an excellent public servant for the people I represent with my diverse background in politics and business.

My Mission

I am your voice to CPN for information and answers about benefits and services.


A Legislator You Can Rely On

As your legislator, I will review and approve resolutions for grants, business opportunities, and budgets. Because of my position’s legislative nature, I will keep the people’s best interest in mind by being inquisitive.

Experienced in Various Fields

I have the knowledge when it comes to politics, businesses, and a wide variety of industries. These include insurance, sales for airlines, and production industries.


About Bob Whistler

My Education

I was born in Oklahoma as a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Bourassa family. At age 3, my family moved to California where I received most of my elementary education in the San Diego area. I then graduated from San Diego City College with an Associate of Arts degree in Math/Science.

My Previous Work

Most of my career was in the transportation industry. This began with me working at United Airlines for nine years and moving on to American Airlines for the next 36 years.

My Career as a Representative

In 2007, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation amended its Constitution and created a three-department government that is similar to the US Federal Government. I chose to represent my people in District 3 of my Nation.

Connect With Me

I gave my best in serving you as a representative, and now it's time for me to help you more in my position as a legislator. Provide your email address today to receive ongoing instant information and updates.

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